A Proper Jungle Perch Adventure

If anyone has targeted these fish, they'll know the places they take you. On this day, we walked 21.1km, took 26,316 steps and climbed 248 floors or 820 meters. It was 4am when we woke up and by the time we got back home it was 11pm. The first step was to get to the fishable part of the creek (which was about 4km upstream of where the car was parked). 

Unsure of where the track that we followed was going to take us, we made a decision to follow a feeder creek to the main river. This was our first mistake, as we found ourselves crawling through thick wait-a-while and jumping down rock faces into small pools.

Although we did catch some decent fish in this feeder creek, our goal was to make it to the main river. After about an hour of walking down the feeder creek, we made it. The fishing was insane. Fish-a-cast type action, catching a mixture of Jungle Perch and Khaki Grunter.

Most of the day we were using 3-4" soft plastics with a spinner attached to the jig head - we've found this size to be the perfect balance between catching quantity a quality fish.

The day so far was epic. We finally saw a 40cm model amongst others close to the mark. A couple of surprising catches resulted in some cool photos, like this Khaki Grunter with unique markings. 

Our next goal for the day was to make it to the top waterfall. Not knowing exactly how far the walk to the top was, we carried on. We thought (according to google maps) that we were able to make it to the top in one day - later realising that this was near impossible.

We turned back around about 3km from the top waterfall. By this time it was 3:30pm. The walk back was massive, and we couldn't remember exactly where the track was to get back to the car. We started following the track that we thought was the right one, but later realised this was not the right track. It took us straight back to the river - about a kilometre further down stream. By this time it was pitch black and the only means of lighting was from our phones, which were quickly running out of charge. Luck was on our side - because after climbing over countless boulders & picking close to 100 leaches off our legs, we found the track again. As the car came into sight, our phones ran out of charge. Big day to say the least.