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What is a 'Jetty Rat'

Us fisherman have all (at one stage or another) spent our days fishing off the local jetty. Wether we still do it or not, we can all agree this is where our fishing addiction started. This is where the idea for 'Jetty Rats' stemmed from - the overwhelming desire to get up way too early and force your parents to drive you down the jetty in pitch black darkness just so you could get the right spot. So you could spend your morning trying to catch that big spaniard that you've always dreamt of - or that meter Barra that you know is down there somewhere. The best days were when you and the boys would all meet up and fish the Jetty all day, just to catch a little spotty mackerel & probably heatstroke. This is where we've all learnt about the fundamentals of fishing, knowing where to be & at what time, what bait or lure to use & how to present that bait or lure to your targeted species. Many generations of knowledge have been passed down through those who have fished off jetties. Remember when you'd ask that random bloke how to tie a knot or ask what lure he was using? From here you'd gather a basic understanding on how to fish. Fishing off jetties when you were young is why you are such a successful fisherman nowadays - wether or not you realised this. 

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